The Regulations (Enclosure №1 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 7, 2007 No. 110)  governs a  procedure for elaboration, examination and approval of documentation of investment projects:

        a)  those  fulfilled  at  the  expense of resources of centralized sources (funds of state budget and off-budget funds, resources of  special funds of certain branches  and enterprises established by  the resolutions of  the  Government,  foreign  credits  attracted  against  security or on behalf  of  the  Republic  of   Uzbekistan,  resources  of  the  Fund   of reconstruction and development of the Republic of Uzbekistan);

        b)  those  liable  to  granting  tax and other compulsory payments related privileges  on the  basis of  certain Presidential  resolutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

        c) those fulfilled  in accordance with  agreements on division  of produce;

        d) those fulfilled by enterprises with a share of the state in  an authorized  fund  over  50%  at the  expense  of centralized sources which

value exceeds  USD 10  mln.; 

       e) those stipulating mining  operations and processing of  mineral resources,  which  value  exceeds  USD  10  mln irrespective of sources of financing.

        2.  The  present  Regulations  do  not  apply  to documentation of investment  projects,  for  which  a  certain  procedure  for elaboration, examination and approval is approved by resolutions of the Government.

        3. With  a view  of the  present Regulations,  the following basic notions deal with the present Regulations:

        investment  project  (project)  denotes  a complex of interrelated measures and  work fulfilled  within a  period determined  beforehand with investments with a view to get economic, social and other benefit;

        preliminary project  documentation -  is a  package or  documents, substantiating a possibility and expediency of fulfillment of the  project upon  certain  accepted  parameters,  as  well  appraisal  of  its   vital capacity.  Preliminary  project  documentation  shall include: preliminary technical   and   economic   substantiation   (technical   and    economic calculation) of the project; competitive documentation to hold tender  for delivery of materials and  equipment and fulfillment of  building assembly work, as well as other  work; final technical and economic  substantiation or  technical  and  economic  calculation  of  the  project,  as  well  as financial proposals and/or  credit and investment  agreements (in case  of attraction of financial resources);

        project documentation - is documentation containing  architectural -  town-planning  and  technical  solutions  required to elaborate working documentation, as  well as  construction budget.  Project documentation is elaborated   on   the   grounds   of   approved   technical  and  economic substantiation;

        preliminary technical and  economic substantiation or  preliminary technical and  economic calculation  (hereinafter referred  to as  PTES or PTEC)  -  is  preliminary  project  document  substantiating  a  choice of efficient  placement  and  most  effective  technical,  organizational and economic  solution  of  fulfillment  of  the  project,  maximum  cost of a project  as  a  whole,  including  cost  of manufacturing equipment on the grounds of  consideration of  variants and  a volume  of financing, taking into consideration possible sources of its financing;

        final  technical  and  economic  substantiation  or  technical and economic  calculation  (hereinafter  referred  to  as  TES  or  TEC)  - is preliminary  project  document  determining  finial  and  most   effective technical, organizations and  financial-economic solutions of  fulfillment of  investment  project  determined  on  the basis of competitive tenders, taking into consideration terms of financing of projects;

        working project - is a  document consisting of approved part  with basic  technical  and  economic  parameters  with maximum cost and working documentation;

        international  financial  and  economic  institutions (hereinafter referred to  as IFEI)  - are  institutions established  on the  grounds of intergovernmental  agreements  carrying   out  financing/co-financing   of investment projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

        foreign   governmental   financial   organizations    (hereinafter referred to as  FGFO) - are  foreign governmental financial  organizations carrying  out  financing/co-financing  of   investment  projects  in   the Republicof Uzbekistan;

        other branches - are branches  included into a category of  public administration  in  accordance  with  classifier  of  kinds  of   economic activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

        strategical  minerals  -  are  precious, nonferrous and rare-earth metals, hydrocarbons, coal, uranium.